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Some of what Brides and Grooms are saying about Masterpiece Studio

Our album turned out really great. We are thrilled with the job you did. I’ve recommended Masterpiece Studio to many of our friends. Our wedding will always be remembered thanks to the fantastic pictures that were taken. Many of our relatives and friends have commented on how nice our album is. Thank you so much!

Pam and Fred


Well, Chris and I are finally settled in here in Washington. It’s been a long month! However, looking at our beautiful wedding album has eased our tensions. I can not tell you how much we appreciate all that you have done in order that we may enjoy our “dream album.” We truly respect you and Masterpiece Studio.

Holly and Chris


I know that we have thanked you a thousand times over the terrific job you did. The roll of a professional photographer at your wedding is very important. We have received so many compliments on our wedding album. We shouldn’t be taking all the credit. Since we have been married we have referred you to about eight couples. They were very much impressed. Also, your seminar helped us make the correct choice. You did a fantastic job.

Tracy and Peter


We hope this note finds you well. Again William and I want to thank you for a job well done. Our pictures are beautiful. We have gotten many, many compliments. I myself, love it. I look through the album three, four, five times a day. I have referred anyone getting married to call your studio. Again many thanks.

Stephanie and William


As we expected the pictures are beautiful!! We’ve shown the album to our friends and families over the holidays and everyone has remarked: 1) How quickly we got it, 2) how beautiful the pictures came out, 3) What a HUGE book it is, etc., etc., etc…. Needless to say, we are thrilled with Masterpiece Studio!!!

I think I told you in the beginning of our plans that I had seen six or seven photographers before being recommended to you. after sitting in on one of your programs and comparing you to the others, it was easy to see that you were the right choice. The presentation itself impressed me, as did the “little” things like the thank you note, the follow-up, your professional attitude and sense of humor, solving the “problem” of the cake cutting pictures, the speed of the delivery, and the terrific system you have to make it all happen.

We know plenty of couples who have been married one to two years and are STILL waiting to receive their complete photo package… we’ve been to many weddings where the photographer is rude or obnoxious and always in the way… and we’ve heard how much people have paid for this kind of “service.” We are happy to tell you that, because of you, we have nothing to complain about!! I could go on and on about how wonderful you are and how happy we are, but I think you’ve got the message by now, and besides, we don’t want your heads to swell too much, so… Thanks again for a fantastic job, and we’ll be sure to pass the word!!

Helen and Vincent