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My Guarantee

I personally guarantee two things:

1) Your portrait session and/or wedding day will be a positive experience.

2) The images that we create, will absolutely thrill you!!!

That’s it! That’s my pledge. Together, we’re going to create beautiful, heart-tugging portraits. Get ready…you may be shedding a tear or two (tears of joy). Just in case, I will have boxes of tissues throughout the studio. No kidding.

If, at any time, you feel that your experience at the Studio is less than what I have promised, I will move mountains to restore whatever is missing. If I fail, I will in good spirit, return monies paid. And we will still be friends. It’s as simple as that.

While my guarantee is always sincere, I am pleased that over decades, seldom, maybe never, has it been necessary to honor. This guarantee is provided to you as an additional service so that you may minimize any perceived risk in doing business with Masterpiece Studio.

Scott Caster
Family Portrait and Wedding Photographer
Masterpiece Studio